Severe Child Abuse Can Lead to Grave Criminal Charges or Juvenile Dependency Case in California – 2022

Criminal Charges or Juvenile
Dependency Case in California – 2022
Harmful Crimes Against Children That Can Lead to Criminal Charges or Juvenile Dependency / CPS Case in California

Children worldwide are in danger of being victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, neglect, violence, and traumatic experiences.

These types of violent crimes against children can have a long-term traumatic impact.

In addition, people who commit crimes against children can often go to prison for a long time, if not for the rest of their lives. Even after they are released from jail or prison, they have life-long consequences.

These consequences include having a lifetime sexual offender registration, termination of parental rights, criminal protective orders, loss of job opportunities, and the label of being a child abuser.

What’s worse than committing crimes against children is being falsely accused of committing crimes against children.

False accusations carry mental, physical, emotional, and social consequences. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to fight these accusations.


Physical Abuse Towards Children

Physical abuse is hurting or injuring a person with the intention of hurting them. Child abuse is defined under California Penal Code 273d as the infliction of harsh punishment or bodily injury on a juvenile under 18 years old.

Most of the time, when people hear the term “child abuse,” they think of physical abuse. Signs of physical abuse include cuts, bruises, burns, broken bones, and sore muscles.

However, abuse can also be caused by harsh punishments. In addition, medical or dental needs that aren’t being met are also signs of physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse of a Child

Sexual violence or abuse means touching a child in a sexual way or having sexual relations with the child. It also includes anything done to a child to make them feel sexually aroused. This abuse includes fondling, forced sexual acts, and exposing genitalia.

There is a difference between sexual abuse that occurs once and sexual abuse that occurs continuously.

California Penal Code 288.5 requires three or more lewd acts or unlawful sexual touching for three months or more by a person who has regular access to a minor under 14 years old.

California Penal Code 288 covers Bigamy, Incest, and the Crime Against Nature. These acts are defined as a single lewd or lascivious conduct with a minor under 14 years old.

Furthermore, if you are convicted of PC 288.5, you will be required to register as a sex offender under California Penal Code 290.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

Children may exhibit different signs of sexual abuse. For example, if a child has sudden trouble going to the bathroom or has pain, itching, bruises, or bleeding in the genital area, this could be a sign of sexual abuse.

Other signs are having trouble sitting or walking, having blood in their underwear, or abusing other children sexually.

If a child knows about sexual acts and displays sexual desires or actions inappropriate for their age, it may signify exposure to sexual activities or abuse.

Neglect or Danger to a Child

Child neglect is when a parent knowingly and without valid justification fails to give needs such as clothes, food, medication, and shelter to their child. This crime is usually considered a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in prison.

A child is not being abused if they get hurt by accident. On the other hand, accidents are not the same as careless or negligent behavior, which is covered by abuse laws.

If children are too young to take care of themselves, it can be abusive to leave them alone in a house. Abuse can also include not giving someone regular medical care, a safe place to live, or emotional support.

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